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Multiple Scene2D elements with CuboidMesh

  • I have successfully added a QML based UI to a CuboidMesh in Qt3D using the Scene2D class. I did this by looking at the Scene2D QML example provided and translating this to C++. This uses a Texture2D with a RenderTargetOutput as per the example.
    I am now trying to render a different QML based UI to each face of the CuboidMesh and am having little success as I can find no relevant examples or even much documentation to support me.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Should I be using a TextureCubeMap? If so how do I get this to work with the Texture2D / RenderTargetOutput, as I understand that TextureCubeMap works with AbstractTextureImage not AbstractTexture.? Can this be done without TextureCubeMap? I need to retain a working ObjectPicker for my application, can this be done with TextureCubeMap?

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