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[Solved]Widget license qpl

  • If a Widget falls under the QPL License.
    Is it free to use in a commercial application.
    It's a little hard to understand when I'm not use to these licenses

  • "QPL": Is that still around?

    The usual IANAL disclaimer applies:
    Anyway, it depends on what you mean by "commercial". If you mean: paid for, sure. You can charge for an application covered under that licence. If you mean "closed source", then the answer is "no". Article 4b states that you must make source code available.

    Also, there are issues mixing GPL and QPL code. According to "the Wikipedia article": , the "FSF": states that QPL is incompatible with GPL: they can not be linked together and still adhere to both licences.

  • Commercial means an application that my company sells to our customers.
    So in this case we don't want to give the source code away to our customers and the answer is therefor NO

  • The point should be 6: it states that you can link other components to a qpl one, but such component must be available as source code. If I get it right, it does not require you to distribute such component as qpl itself, but asks you to license it allowing for modifications, so you can release the component as BSD for instance. However, it will not give you any advantage.

  • Thanks all of you

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