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Store and Retrieve the data in QML for Touch screen

  • Dear Friends,
    I'm using QML and i'm doing a project like student details. I need to store, retrieve and modify the details in appropriate textbox or any... in QML. can i store this value by using any QML elements or via c++ or How can i achieve this?. The main thing is i'm doing it for the Touch screen purpose. so i'm creating like a keyboard also. Please any one help me. Thanks in advance....

  • The following link is from an earlier post of mine regarding the use of a database in QML:

    I believe that if you take a look at it you will get a first idea what to do.

  • sorry favoritas37 i have posted my quest on others dicussion which u specified the link. I saw your posted link but can i use Javascript if i go to an embedded level projects?. Because somebody says javascript slow down the performance in embedded.

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