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OSM offline map in Windows using offline tile server

  • I am trying to display offline map in QT using offline tile server in windows 7 PC. I have followed the procedure from the link “”.

    1. Enabled Virtualization in bios settings and Installed Docker Toolbox 18.03.0-ce.
    2. Since my pc is not connected to internet i have downloaded “klokantech/opemmaptiles-server” - docker image in internet PC and loaded into my offline pc using "docker load" command.
    3. Using Kitematic application i started the openmaptiles-server container with the host address "". Copied "mbtiles" file in /data folder path.
    4. When i opened "" in the firefox browser i am able to see the map without any problem.
    5. I have downloaded the minimal map example code and tested in both internet and offline PC and it was working fine.
    6. Now, i have modified the Plugin lines as below in main.qml of the minimal map example code to view the offline map,
      Plugin {
      id: osmPlugin
      name: "osm"
      PluginParameter { name: "osm.useragent"; value: "My name" }
      PluginParameter { name: ""; value: "" }
      PluginParameter { name: "osm.mapping.copyright"; value: "My Name" }
      PluginParameter { name: "osm.mapping.providersrepository.disabled"; value: true }

    My Issue is When i run this code in offline PC it shows blank page. But when i run the same code in the internet PC without any offline server(docker) it shows map.
    Please guide me to resolve this issue. Note : Offline PC will never be connected to internet


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