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QTreeview expandAll windows performance 30 time worse than linux?

  • Hi
    I have a QTreeview , expanding all takes 5-6seconds on Linux compilation qt5.15 and about 2min35sek on windows qt5.9.8

    Is it windows qt fault or is it just such performance increase between those qt versions?
    On windows expandaAll is actually slower 3times slower on 800 rows than me manually clicking all expandable items . Is there any alternative to expandall?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    I would try with the same version on Windows as 2 mins sound unreasonable.

  • It's acctualy expandAll that is terribly slow

    I used the code provided here

    that expands QTreeView under 1 second on 800 rows

  • one more lessons learnt - if you use the code quoted above make sure you collapse the QTreeView before expanding it - otherwise if you try to do expand a partially expanded QTreeView it takes ages as the default expandall method

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