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Return value from JS function to CPP. How?

  • Hello all!

    I know how to run JS function in QML object from CPP. Something like this in *.qml:

    ACustomType1 {
    	id: oCustomType1_1;
    	objectName: "oCustomType1_1";
    	function mTestJSFunction() {
    	function mReturnValue() { // How to run this?
    		return 1234;

    in *.cpp

    QObject* oCustomType1 = oEngine.rootObjects().first()->findChild<QObject*>("oCustomType1_1");

    How to run JS function in CPP and return value? Not just getting default boolean value.
    This code do not working:

    quint32 oReturnValue;
    QMetaObject::invokeMethod(oCustomType2,"mReturnValue",Q_RETURN_ARG(quint32, oReturnValue));

    It's return false in QMetaObject::invokeMethod, but when no use of Q_RETURN_ARG(quint32, oReturnValue) method called. What am I missing?

  • Solution found. issue closed.
    It's working with QVariant data type, that is default for QML/JS -> CPP exchange.
    This code working perfectly:

    QVariant oReturnValue("no_value");
    QMetaObject::invokeMethod(oCustomType2,"mReturnValue",Q_RETURN_ARG(QVariant, oReturnValue));

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