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1st Qt application

  • I have been a perl web developer for about 20 years, and have been doing sysadmin as well for about 6 years.
    I now have a need to create my 1st Qt desktop application and would like a little direction.
    First what book do you recommend for an experienced developer in another language learning Qt and C++?

    Here is what I am trying to do, and pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.
    An application that has the equivalent of an HTML frame set with 5 frames. All the frames (for the 1st version) will be 100% wide.
    The top frame will be 100px tall and should contain some formatted text (maybe just an embedded firefox window somehow?) The 2nd frame will be 25px tall and will contain some other formatted text. The 3rd will be 550px tall and contain a video (embeded VLC or something?). When a video ends I need to trigger an event to play another video in the same frame or display some text in the frame. The 4th and 5th frames will be the same as the 1st and 2nd.
    Frame 1 100px formatted text
    Frame 2 25px formatted text
    Frame 3 550px video/ formatted text with triggers/timers
    Frame 4 25px formatted text
    Frame 5 100px formatted text

    I may be able to pay a senior developer a little (like taking you to dinner or for a few beers), but not much. I am looking for some direction more than anything. This is something I will have to change and expand as time goes by, but I feel like it is a simple application.

    This will be running on a machine with an AMD C-50 CPU running Fedora 15 64-bit and LXDE desktop.
    I am in Henderson, NV.

    I would friendly advice you to edit your post (title+text) and change all instances of "QT" with "Qt". :-)

  • You could easily create the UI of your program with QML. QML is a declarative language that get's connected with Qt/C++ and provides you a very easy way of creating your UIs. Also i will suppose that QML will be more recognizable to you than basic Qt Widgets.

    As you will see to the following link of the wikipedia, the QML code looks something like the way you were describing your application. Just replace your word "frame" with the word "Rectangle".

    Of course this is just my opinion and surely it's not the only way of doing so.

  • C++ GUI Programming with Qt4, 2nd edition is fine book, for experienced developer should be easy read.

    What you need probably would be easier to achieve with QML in comparison to classic Qt widgets, which are better suited for making classic desktop apps.

  • Thanks I will look into QML.

    I welcome any other advice, or book suggestions.

  • Books: Qt - nothing, just reference, C++ - Stroustrup

    You cannot embed a firefox into a widget, but there's no need, Qt has built-in webkit widget, lot of widgets (like labels) just support some subset of HTML tags for formatting text. Multimedia module is callse Phonon, look it up.

  • Kxyu: "Books: Qt – nothing, just reference, C++ – Stroustrup"

    There are a lot of good Qt books:
    For QML: search in this site, there are some very good introductory material

    (and IMHO:
    Stroustrup's C++ book is much like a reference, for learning Bruce Eckel's C++ book is much better)

  • may be, I just like references)

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