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QML Profiler window in Qt Creator

  • I am currently working on a console application. I had two other projects open (now closed) that were Qt widget applications. On the left side I have a "Projects window". On the right side I have:

    • topmost - "main.cpp" window and to the right of it a "Go To Help Mode" window.
    • middle - "QML Profiler" window
    • bottom "Build Issues" window.

    I want to get rid of the "QML Profiler" window, but cannot figure out how to do it. I should add that it does not have an X in the upper right of the window like the others. Maybe this is a bug. When I exited, restarted the program, and reopened the project the window is now gone.

  • I was stuck on the same issue for a bit but then I noticed that the sidebar was on 'Analyze' mode.
    Just switch back to 'Edit' or any other mode you want and the profiler window is hidden again :)

  • Yes, I also faced the same problem and found that left side vertical side bar goes to Analyze mode once we start Qt Profiling. And Profiler window appears only in Analyze mode of Qt Creator.

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