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Run CMake wizard question

  • Finalizing project cloning from github I get stuck at "run CMake" option.

    The "instructions" read "SOME projects require ...arguments ...."

    1. How do I know my project CMake requires them and what are they ?
      I usually specify -j4 as make argument , but in this case I am not sure.
      Typing in "-j4" give me options "1 2 3 " and when I "Run CMake" I get an obscure error .

    2. Obscure because the process passed "Check kits" but now ii is telling there is" no valid CMake specified" in kit selected.
      My only option is "(go) < back" to "Check kits " or even all the way to "Check CMake tools " option and they are all valid hence there is no option to change them.

    Help is resolving this issue will be appreciated .


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