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QT and 3D applications development(Game etc.).

  • Hi,
    I'm new to Qt. I am interested in 3D application development like games with Qt. I choose Qt for its GUI. I'm also interested in directx 11 and vulkan. If I want to build an Editor which has four view ports, docking windows etc. what option should I go for QtWidgets or QtQuick ? I found ANGLE. But I don't know how to download it and use in Qt.

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    Just as a note:
    While QML or can be used for games and
    been used, if you are truly into game development, i would go for an engine that
    offers more for game programming out of the box.
    One engine, i highly respect is
    Never I have tried anything that had such a low learning curve. :)
    The editor itself is extendable and might offer many benefits for fast development.

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