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Dummy Delegate creation issue - ListView & Model

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    Dummy delegates are created with out any data.

    Problem :
    I have 300 elements in the model. As I keep scrolling list view, delegates are getting created. Now ListView is displaying the 16th element.

    Now remove 18-300 elements in the model like the follows.


    Now I keep scrolling list view.

    Now I see some 5-6 dummy delegates after 18 like 18,19,20,21. However there is no data filled in delegate. It is empty box. I can see Component.onCompleted(..) message for this dummy delegates.

    Model is publishing the row count as 17 only.
    List view is not calling data(..) method for 18,19,20,21 like that.
    But I see the dummy delegates without data.

    This is issue is happening only with specific example. It always happens with my example.
    I tried to reproduce the issue with another example using ListView. Not able to see this.

    Any inputs on why these dummy delegates are getting created ?
    Any inputs to troubleshoot ?

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    I am able to solve this issue. I used timer to remove the elements again. Inside the timer slots calling the remove rows by calling beginRemoveRows(..). I have no explanation how this works.
    But this worked and dummy rows are not visible.

        First Time  - 
       Inside the timer slots -
       void MyModel::timerSlot(){


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    That's very weird! Thanks for sharing the solution!

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    @sierdzio yes, it is very weird. I struggled to get the solution & explanation. However not successful. It is software & it worked!!!. Moving on now..

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