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Problem using exported animation from Blender in Qt3DStudio

  • Hello everybody.
    Just to get started I wanted to to use Qt3DStudio to render some 3D models in my QML application.I've never tried it before.
    In blender 2.82 I created a simple sphere and a simple material slot with just a red diffuse color.Then I animated it using keyframes then I baked them all using Object->Animation->Bake action....Then I exported it as a COLLADA(.dae) file.

    Now in the Qt3DStudio I can import the model via drag-n-drop and the material works but there's no animation when I click the Preview with OpenGL Runtime Viewer button.
    I know that a simple rotation animation can be done entirely using Qt3DStudio but I want to use a set of more complicated animations later.
    The animation however works when I import the .dae file into blender so the problem is not with the .dae file itself.

    So what am I missing? How can I get it to work?

    I'm completely new to 3DStudio so sorry if the question is a little silly.

    Here's the blender demo file.

    I use Qt3DStudio 2.6.0 with OpenGL runtime 2.7 and Qt 5.15.


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