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ItemSelectionModel from QML

  • Hi,

    I am trying to use ItemSelectionModel to manage selections in a ListModel, ListView-based component I am working on.

    I have got basic functionality working with single selection. So if I select with no modifiers, a single item is selected, and if I select with Control modifier, the single selection is added to any existing selection.

    I now want to get range selection working (with Shift modifier).

    I believe I need to call the overload of that accepts a QItemSelection. However I do not know how to construct a QItemSelection from QML. I found this documentation that suggests QItemSelection is exposed to QML as a vector of QItemSelectionRange and that the latter is exposed as a 'value type' to QML. But how do I actually construct one??

  • I guess no-one else has tried to use this?

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