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Is it possible to use Raw OpenGL (platfrom specific libraries like GLESv2) to render a video in UI developed using Qml

  • Hi All,


    • I am trying to develop an Application which having UI (some 4 to 5 buttons), when button is clicked, video needs to be displayed.
    • To render video(frame buffer) on screen, I am using raw OpenGL (platform specific OpenGl libraries like GLESv2).
    • As a standalone application (without UI Qml/Qt), I am able to render video on screen using raw OpenGl (library GLESv2) and Wayland Window.
    • Now my goal is to bring this video into UI, so that when a button is pressed on UI, video should get rendred, when other button pressed it should stop rendering. Its not working as expected.

    I have few doubts,

    1. Is it acceptable to use raw OpenGl library (GLESv2) along with Qml developed UI ?
    2. As Qt is having own QOpenGlFunctions class as part of Qt5Gui library, Is it mandatory to use QOpenGlFunctions to use OpenGL functionality in Qml/UI.?

    Kindly help me in this. Thanks

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