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Need help with TableWidget and Page

  • I have an application with 7 tabs using the QTableWidget class. Each tab opens a page of objects (Qwidget class). With the mouse, everything is working as expected, without problems. The problem is with the need for keyboard only use. The application is a keyboard application only.

    With the keyboard, I can go from tab to the page of Qwidget objects, but if I enter a page (objects are of Qwidget class) I cannot return as there does not seem to be a parent pointer that is set. I would like to switch focus from the Qwidget Object to the parent QTableWidget tab.

    Most of the A-Z or 1-9 keys from the keyboard are available. The following are used by Qt.
    tab, Shift-tab( backtab), left, right, up, down. home, end, and the enter or return keys. I thought there would be a defined parent, but it appears not.

    I also thought of using QTest::mouseClick(dest, Qt::LeftButton, 0, p); as a way to return focus to the TableWidget

    I am a total beginner in C++ and Qt so if my problem description is not with the correct jargon, I apologize.

    Leslie in Montreal Quebec, Canada

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