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QT Designer - How to create a layout

  • I'm new to QT, especially QT Designer and I found it to be quite unintuitive.

    I have the following layout which I'm trying to achieve in Qt Designer.

    enter image description here


    • YELLOW -> the application window
    • BLUE -> 2 side buttons with the heigh of red heigh and white heigh
    • RED -> should be around of 2/3 of the blue heigh
    • WHITE -> should also be around 1/3 of blue heigh


    • REDs -> Lay Out Horizontally
    • WHITEs -> Lay Out Horizontally
    • REDs + WHITEs -> Lay Out Vertically
    • BLUE + (REDs + WHITEs) -> Lay Out Horizontally
    • (BLUE + (REDs + WHITEs)) + SPACER -> Lay Out Vertically (because it's needs to be some space between the buttons and the top of application)

    BUT if I will apply of those which I said above, I'm going to get something like this:

    enter image description here

    So far as I've search I can use the Lay Out Horizontally in Splitter and Lay Out Horizontally Vertically in Splitter to keep the aspect ratio that I want, but then I can split the app and I don't want that.
    Can anyone help me to understand how can I do this? Or the only way of doing this would be from C++?

  • @Vildnex said in QT Designer - How to create a layout:

    I'm new to QT, especially QT Designer

    Have you already checked the documentation?
    You'll also find more about layout management.

  • @Pablo-J-Rogina In the documentation doesn't sais anything regarding my needs, just some basic layout options which I know it already, and on the layout manager, it's all about C++. So if you are telling me about this layout managemt link that means there is no way of doing this just by using QT Designer?

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