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How to use Gstreamer plugin on windows

  • Hi,
    somehow I seem to be unable to find how to build an use the mediaservice plugin for gstreamer under Windows. It doesn't seem to come with the prebuilt binaries?
    Is there any documentation I can follow? More specifically, I have problems with multimediagsttools-private. Do I have to rebuilt the whole QT in order to be able to compile the plugin?
    Is it possible to access cameras via WMF that way?


  • Ok, got a little further. My Problem seems to be that I don't understand where qtConfig(gstreamer) comes from/ how to set it / how to configure where Qt looks for gstreamer. Or even whether it is Qt itself or just the multimedia plugins.

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    AFAIK, to compile the GST on Windows you need to install the GST SDK installer.

    But, it makes not sense to use the GST on windows. Because the GST on windows use the software encoding/decoding (if you will use the original GST installer). It is better to use a native Windows stuff.

    PS: If I'm not mistake.

  • Thanks for your reply! I did try installing GST SDK via the official installer (Gstreamer 1.0). Perhaps I am missing some environment variable by which qtmultimedia decides whether gstreamer is installed or not? As of now, I think it tries to compile some test binaries but fails as it cannot find the gst.h include. Do I have to run configure or similar on windows as well?

    De- and encoding is actually not an issue (for me). If I get a raw MJPG stream from the camera that would be fine. Decoding it on the cpu wouldn't hurt, as the resolution I require is relatively low. I did do that before using libturbojpeg and it works just fine.

    I further do have an implementation using WMF:
    However, the code is a bit sloppy and performancewise it is worse than the directshow backend. I was hoping to be able to get rid of that part of the code ;-)

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    gstreamer is installed or not?

    To be honest, I'm not remember. But I saw some info from the QtMM developers how to compile the GST backend on Windows. Or it was in developer mailing list, or somewhere in readme, I'm don't remember that, sorry. :(

    UPD: You can try to search also on this forum, e.g. you can read this topic or this topic.

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