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use qmlRegisterType() while able to connect to another object's slots

  • I am doing interactions with C++ and Qml.

    I have a class Client, which Qml will be interact with, and a class Master.

    I want to use qmlRegisterType to expose Client into Qml. but the problem is I have to connect Client's signals to Master's slots, so the Master will response to Client's action. To be able to do the connection, I have to create Client object & Master object:

    QObject::connect(clientObj, &Client::homeChgd, masterObj, &Master::homeChanged);

    But when I call qmlRegisterType<Client>("com.client", 1, 0, "Client"): Client is directly passed to QML, I cannot create its object and then do the connection with Master object.

    I am now using setContextProperty() to expose the connected Client object to Qml.

    But is there a way to use qmlRegisterType() while still being able to connect to another object's slots? Or I am doing it wrong?

    Thank you very much for your help in advance.

  • I'm not 100 % sure I understood the question correctly but I don't think there's anything wrong with using setContextProperty () to expose a class to QML.

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