Deployed exe file can not run on other computers

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    I deployed my Qt program with windeployqt command and the deployed exe file runs well on my computer when I renamed my Qt folder to QtHidden. But, when I copy the files to another computer and double click the exe file, nothing happens. It doses not remind me any dll file is missing. The exe file just can not be opened. I don't know how to deal with the problom?
    I used Qt3D, QCharts, and QWebEngineView in the program. I also used a dll which contains openMP computations. My Qt version is Qt5.15.0 MSVC 2019 64-bit. I will be very gratefull if someone can give me an advise!

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    @October said in Deployed exe file can not run on other computers:

    I don't know how to deal with the problom?

    Use Dependency Walker or Dependencies to see what dll is missing

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher Thanks for the advise! I tested dependencies using the refered Dependencies and no missing dlls are found. In fact, I used a QTabWidget in the ui designer and promoted a sub-widget of the QTabWidget directely to QWebEngineView, which is the cause of my trouble.
    When I add a new widget to the QTabWidget and promote the newly added widget to QWebEngineView, everything goes right. The program can run both on my computer and another computer.
    Nevertheless, I don't understand the reason behind, since the newlly added widget and the sub-widget of QTabWidget itself are both of QWidget class...

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