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Configuring Qt for WebAssembly and Emscripten

  • I am trying to configure Emscripten with Qt for WebAssembly. However, my auto-detected Emscripten Compiler is showing an error (This toolchain is invalid). I have already downloaded and installed Emscripten and sed.


    This may be because the displayed Compiler Path is set to \clang.exe for both C and C++ - is there a way to change this? What does it need to be changed to?


    This is my WebAssembly Kit:

    When I try to 'run qmake' the error returned is

    Project ERROR: Cannot run target compiler 'em++'. Output:
    Maybe you forgot to setup the environment?

    I am aware that you need to setup the environment for the terminal using emsdk_env.bat but how does it work with Qt Creator?

    All help appreciated.

  • dunno if you managed to resolve your problem in the meantime,
    but I had a similar error (under macOS and emscripten 1.39.17):

    After downloading and installing everything, I ran emsdk_env (which should generate the ~/.emscripten file in the user folder, if I remember correctly)

    But it seems, that Qt Creator could not resolve the var for the defined emsdk_path

    emsdk_path = os.path.dirname(os.environ.get('EM_CONFIG')).replace('\\', '/')

    so I replaced all the placeholder with the explicit path:

    emsdk_path = '/Users/myuser/Documents/Programming/emsdk'

    I also added


    at the bottom (not sure though if that was needed)

    After restarting Qt creator the compiler and toolkit for WebAssembly wer successfully recognized.