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How to add Label in predefined page?

  • Hello,

    I have removed title and I changed labeMessage.
    So Installation page shown as below image.

    However, StartMenuDirectoryPage have not labelMessage.
    So I can't put text in content area.

    How to put text in content area in StartMenuDirectoryPage?
    Or How to add Label in StartMenuDirectoryPage?

  • I haven't tried that but I think you should look at installer.addWizardPageItem.
    Maybe Register File Extension Example could be a good example.
    It adds a checkbox to TargetDirectory page.

    But that would eventually call addWidget on the page's layout.
    So I think the custom widget could only be added to the bottom part.
    If you want it on the top part of the page content, then I have no idea. Maybe better using the sub title.

  • @Bonnie Thank for your answer. How should I use the sub title?

  • @narae
    You had tried changing title in the script, sub title is similar. Every page has it.

    widget.title = "New title";
    widget.subTitle = "New Sub title";

    It will show under the title, and supports rich text.

    Sometime there's already text in the sub title (like in the StartMenuDirectory page) and you may want to keep it and just append to it.

    widget.subTitle = widget.subTitle + "<br/>New Sub title";

  • @Bonnie Thanks. But I need put text in content area not on the banner.

  • @narae
    I know. I said in that way I can only think of how to add label to the bottom part.
    Sub title is another choice I offered.
    If you insist the top part of the content area, then I really have no idea so I can't help you.

  • @Bonnie ok. thanks

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