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[Solved] file protection on .pro.user file?

  • Hi -

    Well, the dreaded time has finally come...I must try my stuff out on a Windows box. I established a network link between my Mac and a borrowed XP laptop, tried to do a drag and drop on a project folder, wouldn't copy my .pro.user file. After a bit of looking, I see that file permissions are locked down hard on this file. Is this by design, to discourage that file from travelling? Or, is it OK for me to modify the permissions on the file, so the copy will work OK? I don't have a problem with it not copying over, since I know it can be regenerated, bombs the drag-and-drop copy operation.


  • The file has read/write permission for the owning user only. It depends on how you access the files: anonymous or guest will not be able to read it, your Mac user can.

    Anyways, the .pro.user file contains absolute paths and configuration details specific to your workstation. It's usually not a good idea to copy over these files from one computer to another, especially when changing operating systems. Even on the same OS one has to be very careful to not screw up things. The good news is: if something is fishy, just close Creator and remove the .pro.user file(s). On restarting Creator, the setup step will be executed again.

  • OK, thanks, Volker. I've got a bunch of other questions about Creator on Windows, but I'll put them in a separate thread.

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