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Increasing UI font size of Qt Design Studio

  • Screenshot:
    2020-08-25 03_21_50-Options - Qt Design Studio.png

    Sorry for asking pretty obvious question. I'm new in Qt, just installed the tools yesterday.

    Is there a way to increase the font size of Qt Designer Studio's UI (Community)? The text on the left panel is barely visible, while other text in the UI, including the main menu and all other components, produces considerable eye strain.

    The only font adjustment option I could find is an option to change the font of the source code editor - but not the UI itself.

    I have tried disabling high DPI scaling and using different themes. I have also tried increasing the font in my Windows accessibility settings, but the UI in the Designer studio simply refuses to follow the Windows setting.

  • I was so hoping to find an answer to this problem.
    I find it funny that a UI design tool has such a hard to use UI!!

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