3rd Part SDK, not finding DLLs

  • Hello, I have downloaded an SDK from Sony and I'm having trouble using it from my QT Qindows project. The SDK consists of a .lib and .dll in one directory, a sub directory with two additional .dlls, and a directory of .h files.

    I added an "external library" pointing to the .lib and the directory of header files .. and it runs but the program is not working properly (it should be connecting to a Sony camera). I think the problem is that the main DLL depends on those DLL's in the sub directory and no matter what I seem to do it can't seem to find them. (I've moved them to the working directory, added them to the PATH, even plunked them in the system folder.

    The SDK has a visual studio program that works. There is a Debug folder that the program runs from, and in that Debug directory is a sub directory with the DLL's. I tried to mimic this structure in a number of different ways in Qt with no luck. If I temporarily remove one of those DLL's in the visual studio project I get the same behavior as my QT program (it works but does not find the camera) .. which is why I think my problem is these additional DLL's.

    Any ideas? Really stumped (I want to stick with Qt, please don't make me go back to Visual Studio ;-)

    A. Messier

  • @amess Ugh, my bad. it would help to know the directory that my program was running from .. once I found that I just put the two DLL's in there (in a sub-directory that I think the main DLL wanted).

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