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Struggling Android installation for Qt

  • For the past week, I have been struggling to figure out how to run a Qt quick application with the Android kit. I have encountered numerous errors. Earlier, my OpenSSL settings on Android where not working, but I was able to fix it by downloading new OpenSSL files from online. After that, all the settings in Android settings have a checkmark to signify that they are working.
    After that, I tried to run the program with the Android kit. However, unlike for you in the videos, Qt Creator did not auto detect an Android kit. In fact, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Qt numerous times to see if it would detect an Android kit. However, since this still did not work, I manually created my own kit. Here is a screenshot of what I filled out for it:
    However, as you can see on the Qt version section, "Qt 5.15.0 for Android" is considered invalid. I have installed previous versions and the current version of Android numerous times on the Qt maintenance tool but all of them show as invalid. As a result, I changed the Qt version to "5.15.0 MinGW 32-bit".

    When I tried to run the program, I got an error about not finding the gradle scripts. After researching, I found that since my Android SDK is past version 26.0.0, it is not downloaded with the SDK but should have been downloaded when I installed Qt. Since it clearly was not, and downgraded my version of Android SDK tools to one with the gradle scripts. There is still a green checkmark after it, so it was the correct SDK.

    When I tried to run again, my Qt Creator crashes (meaning my laptop exits from Qt Creator immediately). As a result, I only try to build it. When I built it, I get the error that "Android deploy settings file not found, not building an APK. ". I tried researching the problem on the Qt forums and stack overflow but I could not find a valid solution. I continued to experiment more to get to the bottom of my problem.

    Additionally, even before I run or do anything, when I start Qt, I get the following errors in general messages:
    There are only 3 errors which seem to be repeated every couple of minutes. I have no idea what the some of the errors mean, but for the first one, I created a Android_NDK_ROOT environment variable, in the build settings for the project, Qt environment settings(tools->External->Configure->Environment->External Tools->Update Translations), and my Windows Environment variable settings and wrote "ANDROID_NDK_ROOT = ANDROID_NDK_ROOT=C:\Users\arjun\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\ndk\21.3.6528147". However, even after all if this, my program still gave the same errors. Additionally, I could not figure out what the other two errors meant and choose to ignore them.

    After this, I completely deleted my Qt Creator, and all the things I downloaded along with Qt. I then downloaded Qt. It basically did not change anything, except when I run it, I get a completely different error.

    Here is the current state of errors and settings my Qt is in:

    My Kits:
    My Qt versions:
    My manually created android kit:
    Current compile output error:
    Current Android settings:
    Current general messages:
    These are some file errors I have been getting randomly on Qt, usually when I try to run something. For the most part, I have been ignoring them and but they might be relevant to my problem. These come back to back, usually more at a time:
    Issues I get when building:
    In conclusion, my Qt is being difficult and I cannot seem to figure out how to run Android. I have followed all your instructions on the video as well as a lot more but I still cannot figure it out. Can you please help me fix the problem so that I can run Qt Applications on virtual android devices?

    Thank You so much for your time and effort!

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