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ScrollView different behaviour on Windows and Android

  • Hello,

    I have problem with impelementing ScrollView component for my cross-platform application.

    The problem is I have different behaviour on desktop and on mobile.

        id: textScroll;
        anchors.fill: parent
        clip: true
       ScrollBar.horizontal.policy: ScrollBar.AlwaysOff;
              width: parent.width;
               height: contentHeight;
               wrapMode: TextEdit.Wrap;
         	   readOnly: true;
              horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignJustify;
            text: "  long bla bla"

    For Desktop, the behaviour is corretly, I can scroll text only vertical.
    For Android when i'm touching screen I can dragg text outside the ScrollView Area invertical and horizontal.

    I know that according to documentation the behaviour is ok
    but how can I handle this for mobile? I just wanta scroll this component instead of dragging it and I can't find any usefull property for that component for this case.

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