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Building Qt 5.12

  • I am trying to build Qt 5.12 (for great reasons) with Mingw32 but i am getting an error

    configure command configure -platform win32-g++ -developer-build -opengl desktop -nomake tests -skip webengine

    mingw32 command mingw32-make -j4
    error Project ERROR: Could not find feature c99.

    full log
    Any ideas on how to fix it.

  • Hi, it looks that you're using the toolchain in D:\Cute\5.11.1\mingw53_32 to build Qt 5.12. I think that MinGW version is too old, try updating it to 5.12.9 or later.

  • @Sheep said in Building Qt 5.12:

    mingw32-make -j4

    In addition to previous suggestion, don't use -j switch for make so you'll have a better location of the error

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