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Best Qt framework or class for automation testing?

  • Hello, I have a task of creating a very simple GUI that loads a number into a line edit field, press a button, and that number will be shown on a display. That part is easy, I got that taken care of. The next step would be to use some script or a test that can automatically do that when it is run. I was told the purpose is to see if we can scale that method so we can have overnight testing of data collection from the GUIs we are going to create (obviously more complex than my example).

    After some research, I found QJSEngine and Qt Test. I've explored both options, read the documentation, but haven't decided which one is the better one for what I need to do.

    Is QJSEngine or Qt Test what I am looking for? Thanks

  • @itanitarek10 just in case, you may want to take a look at Squish (it's a commercial automation testing framework).

    Note: I not by no means am affiliated or sponsored by froglogic)

  • @Pablo-J-Rogina I have seen Squish but I'm looking for a free/community option.

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