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Custom QCheckbox in QT widgets

  • So;
    I am trying to create a QTableWidget that will have checkboxes in some columns and I have two scenarios. The first I want to have one column with text and a checkbox. The Second scenario, I want to have two columns each with checkboxes.

    I hav this implemented and it works great. However, Now I need to make the checkboxes have custom states that are driven by graphic.svg files for each state. I was hoping to do this with a stylesheet but have had huge trouble. Most examples are kindof QtQuick related and I do not see anything that is in the QtWidgets world.

    Does anyone have any code or example of this?
    I really appreciate any help.

  • @EagleSparrow said in Custom QCheckbox in QT widgets:

    I hav this implemented and it works great.

    You might want to state, briefly, how you have gone about adding these checkboxes into your QTableWidget?

  • Here is the code.

    QList<SomeClass> ModeTableEntries ;
     for (int row = 0; row < ModeTableEntries .length(); row++)
                    ui->EntriesTableWidget->setRowHeight(row, 45);
                   ModeValues value = ModeTableEntries [row];
                    QTableWidgetItem* currentItem = new QTableWidgetItem(value .ModeText);
                    if(TestModeEnabled == true)
                    ui->EntriesTableWidget->setItem( row, 0, currentItem);
                    currentItem->setFlags(currentItem->flags()^(Qt::ItemIsEditable ));

    The problem is that I cannot style the default implementation of the QTableWidgetItem(QCheckbox) that is part of the QTableWidgetItem.