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QML camera position not working after HOME button on Android

  • background ..
    using Qt Creator 4.12.4
    building a Qt 15.5.0 Android app targeting arm64-v8a (or armeabi-v7a)

    I have encountered something I believe may be a bug.

    Using the 'declarative-camera' example as a guide, I am working on a project that uses the camera to capture video.

    Toggling from the front to back cameras works fine when you launch the 'Android' app .
    However, if you press the HOME key.. then resume the app (after touching the app to start it again) .. the toggle front to back action will not flip the camera.

    If you close the app, then restart the app, the toggle works fine.

    I have reproduced this behavior using the 'declarative-camera' example provided (example titled "QML Camera Example").

    Has anyone also encountered this anomaly?

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