Performance decrease after launching camera and changing the view

  • I have two pages in a page stack. First is the main view, second contains Camera element. Main view opens view with the Camera. After going back from Camera to the main view there is a significant drop in application performance. The animation and transitions are laggy.

    I wonder if I should close the camera somehow and release resources before leaving the page? And how to do it in QML?

  • And up. This is still unsolved issue.

  • Tried dynamically loading and destroying Camera component. Still there is a significant decrease in performance after Camera is loaded and destroyed.

  • Now an interesting observation: this issue doesn't happen with Nokia 701 running Symbian Belle.

    But on Nokia E7 with Symbian Anna this is very valid.

  • Same issue here.
    Just before the camera launches, the app comes back to the phone's menu during 1 second.
    After that, I can see the phone's menu between each pagestack transitions and the transitions becomes very slow.

    Symbian Anna on N8.

  • I can't speak for this exact case (or why it would differ between Anna and Belle for example) but in general, once you create a component, it will have bindings being re-evaluated if any of the properties those bindings depend on change (eg, due to an animation). Thus, the cost of not destroying an invisible element is non-zero.

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