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Touch events not working with magic trackpad in Mac OS X

  • I just recently started working with Qt 4.7.4 64-bit in order to make some cross-platform multi-touch applications. However, I can't get touch events working. I'm using a Mac Pro with a magic trackpad, and from the googling I've done, it seems that it should generate QTouchEvents. But when I run any of the Qt touch demos, including fingerpaint and knobs, it doesn't work. No touches I perform on the trackpad, be it a single or multiple touches, does anything in the application; no QTouchEvents generated. I've tried in fully updated Lion and Snow Leopard.

    Does anyone have any idea what's going wrong? Thanks in advance!

  • Bumping this - still haven't gotten it working. Can anyone help me with this? This is a severe roadblock for the project I'm working on.

  • One more bump...? I'm in a situation where even Qt example projects don't work. Do QTouchEvents just not work in Mac OS X?

  • Have you checked "QTouchEvent docs": ?

  • [quote author="veeeee_d" date="1323117649"]Have you checked "QTouchEvent docs": ?[/quote]

    Yes, no help there. According to the docs the demos are doing everything they're supposed to, and it doesn't mention anything specific about OS X.

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