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Debugging in Creator got really slow all of a sudden...

  • ...I mean like, borderline hanging slow. In fact, I just got a message that gdb crashed.

    It's been working fine for months; and this just started today. Are there some log or caches files that I should clear? Any other ideas? It's now borderline unusable.


    This is on a Mac mini, running 10.6, latest of all the Qt stuff.

  • Another data point...when I go into the debugger view, all seems OK. When I hit the button to actually begin debugging, then Creator freezes up while showing a ghosted Build progress bar (even when nothing should require building), then takes many seconds with a Launching progress bar. This used to all happen relatively instantly, and I haven't made any significant changes to the program. The executable is only about 614K, so it's not like it's some massive program.

    Any suggestions?


    I'm pretty much dead in the water here. Should I delete and re-install Creator?

    EDIT again:

    This is not the problem described here:


    I'm working against an impending deadline, and I really need to get this fixed, one way or another. Should I delete all of Qt and reinstall? Is that a potential fix?

    All ideas welcome!

  • The transcript of your debugger session is in the right pane of Windows->Views->Debugger Log.

  • This morning, I decided to uninstall and reinstall Qt. That appears to have fixed the problem for now, but...I would still like to know what caused that.

    The debugger log gets enormous very fast, and I have little idea what most of it means.

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