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Scaling discrepancies between Python and C++ apps

  • I have noticed that Qt apps written in Python or C++ have different scaling, as far as widgets and text are concerned. Python programs produce much larger widgets/text causing a gross over-usage of screen space. This is on a Linux system.

    I am looking for suggestions as to whether or not it is possible to fix PyQt programs to bring their scaling in line with the correct appearance of C++ Qt programs. Or whether or not this is a Gnome issue, instead of a Qt issue.

    This is on a Linux system using Gnome 3.36.4. Other notes:

    • Theme is set using the Qt5 Settings tool, and is set to Adwaita (the default gnome theme).
    • Qt version is 5.15 for both Qt and PyQt
    • Python is version 3.8.1

    Example test UI for a python and c++ app:


  • Ya know, ya don't have to use GNOME, as much as they would like you to think that you do? What happens when you use X11 with a liteweight window manager that uses NO GNOME components? I often boot into single user mode and as root start the X11 server with a minimal TWM window manager to test observe the app without all the mess that modern desktop environments create.

    There are just too many places in the program stack where the desktop folks can assume they know better than you and indiscriminately change the behavoir to favor their particular slant on the user interaction experience.

    singe-user root

    # cat > ~/.xsession
    xrdb -load ~/.Xresources
    xterm &

    # startx

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