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What do I need to do to get quick3d + wasm working?

  • Sorry, probably a n00b question but I'm just not that familiar with the "Qt way" sometimes...

    I have 5.15.0 installed via the "maintenance tool" on my Linux box (Debian).

    The simple "hellocube" example builds and runs perfectly using gcc_64 tools.

    However attempting to build it using the wasm_32 just gets me a

    $ ~/Qt/5.15.0/wasm_32/bin/qmake 
    Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick3d

    Although hellocube is listed in the "webassembly examples" at , and also amongst the wasm file size examples at the bottom , so it seems promising that it's supposed to work. Are the necessary bits just not included in the MaintenanceTool's pre-built binaries currently, and the idea is you build a Qt yourself if you want to use this bit... or something else?

    I have everything set up well enough to get a nice QML + charts wasm app up in my browser (indeed it is currently hosted here for the curious ; may take a while 9MB .gz ), but I'm at least as intrigued by the possibilities of quick3d in the browser.

    Thanks for any pointers

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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