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Clustering QtLocation markers technique

  • Hi,

    Currently, I'm using this project based on the VTK framework to have a slippy map in which I can add markers and group them in clusters. I have already contributed to that project but there's still bugs in it and it does not fit my requirements (on the visual aspect).

    So, I want to use Qt maps instead of vtkMap, but I didn't find a way/an example to create marker clusters. Apparently, it's a complex task to achieve (as I already fixed some bugs in vtkMap clustering system) and I want to know how people deal with that problem with QtLocation/QML.

    I found this but the guy removed his clustering algorithm from the source code that he attached (in void ClusterableModel::doRecalculation()).

    So, I want to know if there's already an exisiting solution to achieve marker clustering. Otherwise, I will create a solution based on the link above and the technique used in vtkMap and share it on my github account !


  • @embeddedmz Did you get any further on this? I'm also looking for a way to cluster features using C++ model for the items and QML Map for the view.

  • Hi Tomaslov,

    No, I have not advanced in that subject because I changed my job (essentially C# dev.), but yeah I'm still interested if someone could provide us a solution, on Android this feature already exists.

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