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[SOLVED]Comparison problem

  • Hi to everyone, who read this.

    I have a situation, which shouldn't be a situation at all! Nevertheless, here it is:

    I have a quint16 _blockSize and tcp number of available bytes of tcp socket. Just like that:


    Well, all simple and nice there is a problem: they are not comparasing!
    My condition:


    was just ignored and program do not enter not in "if", not in "else". It's just take away.

    I know, what _blocksize and bytesavailable - are just 16 and 64 bit numbers, but i can't understand why comparasing don't go on?

    Thanks in advance.

    [EDIT: code formatting, please wrap in @-tags, Volker]

  • Try rerun qmake by manual and rebuild all.

  • Tryed. Didn't help.

  • Yeap, i khew it's stupid issue,,,

    Thing is, it's just make "return" without enter in "if" block. Thanks for attentions.

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