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StackView doesn't handle transition interruptions correctly

  • Hi all,
    We're using a Qml StackView to handle transitions between views. The quick items (views) are created and managed in C++.
    When we switch from viewA to viewB (Transition1) and trigger a transition from viewB to viewA (Transition2) before Transition1 is finished, viewA is not rendered anymore. The parent (Qml) is null and the visible property is false. So it makes sense that viewA is not rendered anymore, but we can't manage to set properties in a way so that it's rendered again.
    We tried to iterate over all animations from Transition1 and call there complete function before we start Transition2 and this seems to work for as long as the animations are running, but once Transition2 finishes, the stack view seems to restore the view state as how it would have been if Transition1 would have finished.

    Does anyone already had the situation where a view transition from the Qml StackView needed to be interrupted before finished?


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