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Drag and Drop to desktop or file manager

  • This one is kinda fun. I currently have drag from the desktop/file manager working as my DropArea gets a url for me to use. Now I am trying to detect the drop area outside of the application.

                                            Drag.active: mouseArea.drag.active
                                            Drag.hotSpot.x: 0
                                            Drag.hotSpot.y: 0
                                            Drag.mimeData: { "text/uri-list": fileUrl }
                                            Drag.supportedActions: Qt.CopyAction
                                            Drag.dragType: Drag.Automatic
                                            Drag.onDragStarted: {
                                            Drag.onDragFinished: {
                                                if(dropAction === Qt.CopyAction){
                                                    console.log("drag copy")

    I have 2 problems.

    • How do I detect if this landed in a DropArea or outside the app?
    • How do I detect where it dropped outside the app? (there is no DropArea for this)

    In the above code I see the "drag copy" message get printed as expected when dropping outside the app. I cannot see anything in the docs to indicate how to get the drop area/url that I dropped to outside the app. Is there a global drop area or something?

  • Replying here just because it's the first hit on google for Drag.Automatic: there is an answer to this question here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24532317/new-drag-and-drop-mechanism-does-not-work-as-expected-in-qt-quick-qt-5-3. In short, you should replace

    Drag.active: mouseArea.drag.active


    property bool dragActive: mouseArea.drag.active
    onDragActiveChanged: {
        if (dragActive) {
        } else {

    More details in the SO post, apparently you can see the different code flows in the QQuickDrag code. Note that Drag.Automatic does work as expected when you use a DragHandler, just not when you use a MouseArea.

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