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QMAKE and Visual Studio Variables

  • Hello,

    i am having trouble to use visual studio variables like this:

    ACT_PROJECTNAME = $(ProjectName)

    The output is empty.

  • It seems to be a general problem to output something like this "$()" and it does not matter what is inside the brackets.

    Unfortnually Visual Studio primarily works with such Macros like: $(ProjectName),$(IntDir),$(OutDir).

    In some cases it does work and the correct variables are set but not in all cases... their output is buggy empty. :( Thats sad.

  • I am no qmake expert but I would be surprised if qmake understood any visual studio variables.

    if some work I would assume that is by chance, not by design:-)

  • Are you using qmake through vsaddin ?
    If you are considering qmake and vs as completely independent, it will not work for sure.
    I am not an expert of vsaddin but merely a user of it. vsaddin builds the bridge between both, the vs and the qt world. Maybe if vsaddin is involved some of the settings of vs are transferred to be used by Qt. However, the general goal is probably to use Qt through the vs mechanims or to use through qmake. The consequence would be to stay better in one or the "world".

    Is there a particular reason that you want mix both?

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