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How to create in QT main chat windows like this?

  • @mrjj Now I add to paint() function:

        QPen pen(Qt::black, 1);

    and it works!

    But I see next 2 problems:

    1. I have to write 100,100 in drawText() function. Is there any way to get size which my needs?

    2. When I add this lines to my paint() function I only see this text in first cell (0,0).

    I have:

        item = new QStandardItem("somethingABC");
        item2 = new QStandardItem("somethingABC");
        item3 = new QStandardItem("somethingABC");

    So I think I have to get 3 texts "somethingABC" in my QTableView. Right?

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    @qwe3 said in How to create in QT main chat windows like this?:

    The cell area is in option.rect. (one of the parameters to paint)
    i think its related to 1 as all cells then paint its text in 100,100 :)


  • @mrjj One line and 2 problems aren't now problems :D Perfect!

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    Delegates are a bit complicated to begin with but later you love them as you can do anything you like.
    and then have good performance too \o/

  • @mrjj I create rounded rectangle and it works :)

    But I don't know how can I do the last thing:

    The message text can be longer than one line. I think I have to change row's height. This is not a problem: table->setRowHeight(1,240);

    But when I have to do that? In delegate functions()?

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    Nope, its not the delegates job
    if its for all rows then

    QHeaderView *verticalHeader = myTableView->verticalHeader();

  • @mrjj Thank you! I have to change your code to:


    But you helped me next time! :)

    Thank you

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    Congratulation on your first Delegate.

  • @mrjj Only in 50%.

    I need one more:

    QWidget *delegate::createEditor(QWidget *parent, const QStyleOptionViewItem &option, const QModelIndex &index) const
        return nullptr;
    void delegate::updateEditorGeometry(QWidget *editor, const QStyleOptionViewItem &option, const QModelIndex &index) const
    void delegate::paint(QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionViewItem &option, const QModelIndex &index) const
        if(index.row()%2==0 && index.column()!=1)
            QPen pen2(Qt::yellow, 1);
            QPainterPath path;
            path.addRoundedRect(QRectF(option.rect), 10, 10);
            painter->fillPath(path, Qt::yellow);
            QPen pen(Qt::black, 1);

    I would like to select text message, click on it right mouse button, get the list, where is "copy" and other possibilities. How can I do this?

    Now I can't select text and click right mouse button

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  • @mrjj Next small problem :)

    I have now ( in the picture is small error - the third row have smaller rectangle ( whre is text "somethingABC ") - I change it in paint application; this rectangle have width like the others )


    My delegate:

    path.addRoundedRect(QRectF(option.rect), 10, 10);

    When I change it to:

    path.addRoundedRect(QRectF(option.rect.x(), option.rect.y(),option.rect.width()/2,option.rect.height()), 10, 10);

    I get:

    There are 3 columns in QTableView:
    the first one for my messages
    the second one - seperator
    the third for other person's messages

    I would like to align to right the third column - yellow rectangles. Like this:

    With the text there is not a problem:


    But function


    doesn't have a parameter with alignments

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    Only drawText uses align. Not other paint functions as far as i know :0

    Since option.rect IS the cell, i think you just need to set

    so the last col is actually to the far right

  • @mrjj Thank you, I think I can use something like:

    path.addRoundedRect(QRectF(option.rect.x()+100, option.rect.y(),option.rect.width()/2,option.rect.height()), 10, 10);

    for the last column.

    But there is next problem :D

    When I use:


    I get the perfect height for cell (0,0). Perfect. But cell (0,1) must has the same height like cell (0,0), so it can be too big for cell (0,1).

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    • I get the perfect height for cell (0,0). Perfect. But cell (0,1) must has the same height like cell (0,0), so it can be too big for cell (0,1).

    Im not really sure what you say here :)

  • example6.png
    Please look at first row. In cell (0,0) there is text "somethingABC\ntext\njdsa". In cell ( 0,2 ) there is text "so". When I use


    QT resize height of the first row to height which cell (0,0 ) needs. But cell (0,2) must have the same height. In cell (0,2) there is only text "so" , so it can have smaller height.

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    But that is what ResizeToContents does ?
    So if it has lesser text, it will be smaller.

    Do you want all to have same size regardless of text ?

    ahh you mean the "so" should be smaller ?

  • @mrjj
    I would like something like that:


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    I think that will be hard as one row can only have one height.
    but you can span cells to give them uneven sizes
    void QTableView::setSpan(int row, int column, int rowSpanCount, int columnSpanCount)

    But im wondering if it would not be easier to just use a QListView ( you can reuse delegate)
    and have 2 of them .
    one in each side and then just some white Qwidget in between ?

  • @mrjj I never used QListView. I don't need to use QTableView. But when I add 2 QListView there are two sliders to move? I would like to have only one like in QTableView ( on the right )

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    Its just like TableView but just having one column.

    Then each row can be any height you wish pr item/shape and same for the right one.

    Else i think it get complicated to do with one tableView.
    You would have to make one row as hight as the biggest shape or merge cells to allow it to be uneven.
    Not easy in my book to calc that.
    But your call.

    Well its not so hard to make both scroll at same time

    connect(view1->horizontalScrollBar(), SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)), view2->horizontalScrollBar(), SLOT(setValue(int)));
    connect(view2->horizontalScrollBar(), SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)), view1->horizontalScrollBar(), SLOT(setValue(int)));

    and ofc you can just hide one of them if you wish

  • @mrjj Hello,

    Could you tell me how will you do this GUI? Using QTableView, QListView or something other? At the moment please forget about 3 columns. Change it to only one column. In telegram application I see only one column for all people ( maybe two - the first one is for avatar in circle ). Do you know how it is done in telegram application? You told me that application has delegate. And it's using QListView too? What about the size of circle where is the text? How it is implemented that we have circle with text in other sizes?

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