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Qt Creator follow symbol under cursor functionality frozen

  • Hi all, i have a problem with the "follow symbol under cursor" functionality of Qt Creator. Sometimes (actually, very often), when I try to follow a symbol under cursor (any symbol), nothing happens like this action was freezed. The follow symbol mechanism is immediately activated when I go on another Opened Document and I come back on the document I tried to follow the symbol. So, when I have to follow a symbol, very often I have to go in another opened document, go back to the previous one, and then let the follow symbol functionality to work, and this is quite annoying.
    I can't find any other user with this problem, so I don't know how to deal with that. Do you have any suggestion?

    I am using:

    • MacBook Pro with macOS Catalina 10.15.2 (same problem with Mojave)
    • QtCreator v4.11.1 (same problem with v4.10.1)
    • Xcode v11.3.1

    This problem happens with any kind of project: QMake, CMake and even C Makefile project.

  • Same for me.
    It often takes a few clicks to activate function "follow symbol under cursor". It doesn't matter where I go, Qt classes, my classes. It doesn't depend on the project. The problem also exists in QML.

    I attached video when i need few clicks to follow symbol under cursor (cmd + click).

    Any suggestion how to fix that?

    My setup:
    MacOS 11.3 + Qt Creator 4.14.1 + Qt 5.15.2

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