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Custom line-indentations with qmlformat.exe

  • I was very excited to read that Qt 5.15.0 includes the new qmlformat.exe tool, and naturally I have been attempting to use it to format the QML files within my codebase.

    However, I noticed that this formatter tool sets all indentation as 4 spaces. The entire rest of my codebase (i.e. the C++ files, header files, JS files, etc.) all use 2 space indentations.

    Is there a way to tell qmlformat.exe to use 2 space indentations?

    There is surprisingly no documentation (as of 01-July-2020) on the Qt Forums regarding how to use this tool, and running qmlformat.exe --help does not provide an answer to setting custom line indentations.

    Any help would be welcomed!