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QtWebkit based app fails to start because of missing QtWebNetworkProcess and QtWebProcess

  • Hi all,

    for an application compiled for a Linux embedded device I would need to try QtWebKit instead of QtWebEngine.
    The same application compiled to use QtWebEngine compiles and runs just fine, and I made the needed adjustments to be able to compile it for QtWebKit.

    Both application versions compile just fine, but the one that uses QtWebkit fails to start.

    When the application fails to start console log simply says:

    Jun 26 20:10:00 qmovebbg1[380]: Failed to start " \"QtWebNetworkProcess\" 13"
    Jun 26 20:10:00 qmovebbg1[380]: Failed to start " \"QtWebProcess\" 15"

    I suppose that this is due to both QtWebNetworkProcess and QtWebProcess missing in /usr/lib/libexec/, is it correct? From which repository should I get those? I don't see them in qtbase.

    Please note that I have compiled Qt 5.13.2 from source using Yocto meta-qt5 layer.

  • It seems my Yocto setup installs QtWebNetworkProcess, QtWebProcess, QtWebStorageProcess in usr/libexec while Qt applications expects them to be in usr/lib/libexec.

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