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Mouse Double-Click Event

  • Hi there,

    I have a doubt about the events that are generated by a mouse double click action since I've read on another forum that after the mouseButtonDblClick comes a second mouseButtonRelease. I'm getting only one mouseButtonRelease. Isn't it suppose to return another one after mouseButtonDblClick?

    This is what i get in the following order:

    • mouseButtonPress;
    • mouseButtonRelease;
    • mouseButtonDblClick.

    Thanks in advance.

  • The sequence is: press -> release -> double click (by default = press) -> release.

  • Are you really sure? I'm using a counter variable to count mouseButtonRelease events and each double click action with the mouse is returning only one release event...

  • AFAIK, this depends on the OS you are on. Mouse and keyboard events are typically processed by the OS and then send to Qt which creates the Qt events.

  • Of course I use the first platform I have: Windows XP ... but I could check too under linux.
    You have right Gerolf it depends of the platform, however I doubt that Qt implement an extra 'press' if no 'release' is sent.

    press -> release -> press (double click) [ -> press for the next ... ] breaks the invariant of press/release counts.

  • I'm using Windows 7.

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