Can not open file QtGuid.lib

  • Hi
    I had downloaded Qt 4.7.1 and compiled it using VS 2010 with the command line :
    configure -debug-and-release -opensource -platform win32-msvc2010

    The problem is that when i try to build an application that uses Qt i get an error
    "can not open file QtGuid.lib" ?
    What's can be problem ?


  • because it is: QtGuid4.lib :-)

  • what do you mean?
    but it looks for QtGuid.lib....

  • Can you post full error message?

  • Then that is wrong :-)
    The libs are named: <Module><d if debug>4.lib

    Are you using QtCreator and MS tool chain or do you use MSVS 2010?
    How do you create the project and the project settings (Qt plugin)?

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