Sequentialanimation inside a Parallelanimation

  • Is it possible to define a sequentialanimation inside a parallelanimation? Or does somebody know another way to do it? I would like to do something like this:

    ParallelAnimation {
    id: scaleoutLeft
    running: scaleout

                NumberAnimation { target: item; property: "x"; to: 100; duration: 1000 }
                SequentialAnimation {
                PropertyAction { target: item; property: "smooth"; value: false }
                NumberAnimation { target: item; property: "scale"; to: 1; duration: 1000 }
                PropertyAction { target: item; property: "smooth"; value: true }



  • Yes it's possible to do that. Have you given it a try? I cannot see any reason for it not to work as expected.

  • Thanks. I tried it about 2 weeks ago without success, but now it's easy .. :)

    What I did is:

    ParallelAnimation { ... }

    Do you think this affects somehow the performance?

  • If you only have one animation inside a ParallellAnimation or SequentialAnimation I'm not sure it actually does anything useful... does it?

  • Well I need it to turn off the smooth parameter during a moveAnimation of an image. So yes, I think its useful ;)

  • Right, you are using PropertyAction, which really is an animation, without duration. Without the whole code it's a bit difficult to understand why you need all three levels of animations, though.

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