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Associate QT WebAssembly with emscripten

  • Hi everyone!

    I need help with the association of QT WebAssembly with emscripten. I have followed all the intrucctions showed in: and and the instructions showed in emscripten web.

    I tryed with Qt 5.13 and Qt 5.14 but I can't even start because I am not able to associate WebAssembly with emscripten.



    Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • I've intalled \emsdk>emsdk install sdk-fastcomp-1.38.30-64bit, after that I added manually the emscrition compiler and lookinf for manually \clang.exe and adding one for C (clang.exe) and other for C++ (Clang++.exe). Now the emscripten compliers is able to be selected.

    But, now I have the next problem:


  • I realize when I choose the file \clang.exe manually, Emscripten (ABI) will compile code for "x86-windows-msvc2017..." an dno t for "asmjs-unknown-unknown-emscripten-32bit" as I need.

    So, that step doen't works. = (

    Whe QT try to detect emscripten automatically:

    When I choose file \clang.exe manually:

    Has anyone had this same problem?

  • I think that I do not have installed correctly emscripten compiler.
    Some one know how to install it correctly for Qt 5.13.2??

  • QtCreator does not have full support for using emscripten, unless you use Qt 5.15. Even then it is still experimental and you need to enable the WebAssembly plugin from within QtCreator first.
    It's just easier to build using the commandline.

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