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How to use QML animation in broadcasting?

  • We are planning to use QML animation for generation picture sequence for TV broadcasting. Basically we need synchronize QML animation with TV frame rate (PAL, NTSC...) How I can do this?

  • Hi,

    There is no "supported" API to do this. If you are willing to dig into the internals a bit more (and realize there will be no compatability guarantees), changing some of the settings for QUnifiedTimer (src/corelib/animation/qabstractanimation_p.h) might help -- this timer controls all of the QML animation elements, and has several methods for controlling the rate and consistency of the timer.


  • This is interesting topic. Could we either somehow use a custom view for rendering or modify the render itself?

  • it will be very usefull if we could setup animation refresh rate...

  • it's interesting. so you need an animations to be based on number of frames , not on time, and then you set the speed(framerate) in frames/second. I will vote for such a suggestion

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