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Compiling Qt5 - QDeclarativeView problem

  • Hi,

    I managed it to compile Qt5 successfully , but when I try to compile my own application I get the following error:
    QDeclarativeView: No such file or directory

    I am using Ubuntu 10.04.


  • Moderators

    Are you using Qt Quick 2? Then what you need is QSGView (or at least used to be - this is just a placeholder, temporary name. I don't remember what the decision was, but it might have changed to QQuickView).

    Or you can go back to Qt Quick 1 and continue with Declarative View.

  • Cool, thanks now I got this error:
    Cannot create platform GL context, none of GLX, EGL, DRI2 is enabled

    I will try to install the libx11-xcb-dev package and recompile Qt5.

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    Qt would not have compiled otherwise, but are you sure you have libmes-dev installed?

    Anyway, a bit too late, but I've found the relevant doc from Qt5 snapshot doc:

    The name was indeed changed to QQuickView, it would seem.

  • @apt-get install libmes-dev@

    apt-get doesn't find the package libmes-dev

    I recompiled Qt5, now it's working! Thank you.
    My next goal is to cross-compile it for my i.MX53

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    A typo, sorry, I've meant mesa library. But it's irrelevant now that you successfully compiled. As for MX53 - I won't be able to help here. But Qt definitely does work on ARM (Android, iOS, Symbian...) so it should be doable :)

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